Upper School Teachers

Our highly qualified teachers build the academic foundation of our students’ success in college and beyond.

Upper School Teachers

Our faculty is the cornerstone of our upper school. They invest in our students, collaborating with academic counselors to create personalized curriculum plans and offering extra help during office hours both in and after the school day.

They also bring passion and expertise to their classrooms. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees in their subject areas and participate in ongoing professional development. Others find time to actively contribute in their professional fields by publishing literary works or academic papers, performing on stage, or receiving artwork commissions.

Andrew Irvine

Chemistry Teacher

Favorite Teaching Prop

Hydrogen balloon explosions.

Inspiration to Teach

My awesome science teachers in high school and college.

Favorite Time of the Day

Lab time! I love to see students having a real-life experience with chemistry.

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US Libarian


Our inquiry-based teaching approach hinges on information literacy – knowing how to find, verify, use and cite information available in print and on the web. Teachers and library staff work collaboratively to augment classroom lessons with outside resources available in our extensive library.

In a world deluged with information, our information literacy program sets our students up for success as they move forward to college where study and research skills are invaluable.

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My teachers were just as excited about integrals as they were about seeing each of us grow. It’s why our teachers came to our performances and games, and why we come back many years after graduation to see them (and to eat Harker lunches). We saw each and every day that our teachers loved what they did, and they inspired us to find the same passion in our own lives.

Casey Near '06

LID Main

Technology Specialists

At Harker we teach students how to use technology meaningfully and effectively to explore deeply, solve problems and represent information and data in new ways. In classes like Human Anatomy and Physiology students are learning about the human body with an advanced 3-D touch interactive dissection table, and advanced math classes and our robotics lab use 3-D printers to create tangible models of concepts. Through intentional and targeted technology integration into our curriculum, our technology specialists help teachers use these tools to increase student knowledge and open doors to discovery.

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Professional Development

Teacher development is an essential component of our upper school program. Our teachers enjoy internal and external professional development opportunities, like our Vegesna Foundation Teacher Excellence Program, that make it possible for teachers to pursue unique professional development opportunities that will impact Harker student learning. Our own Vegesna Foundation Teacher Excellence Program allows selected faculty to travel the U.S. and abroad to hone skills they can bring back to their classrooms.

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Harker teachers taught me to look at the world from a non-scientific view. I owe a lot to them, because even in science there’s art.Rupan Bose’07, MD, MB USC Medical Center