Upper School Students

At Harker’s upper school, students are encouraged to explore their interests, take chances and stretch themselves to try new skills.

Upper School Students

At Harkers upper school, students feel comfortable to explore interests, take chances and stretch themselves to try new skills because we foster a supportive culture. Our robust curriculum and truly enriching programs and extracurriculars empower students to explore their intellectual boundaries, find their passions and make lifelong friends.


Harker Upper School Student Community

Our students are all different, but they share a common characteristic: they love learning. Teens who enjoy spending time after school in the library or working 1:1 with teachers to dive deeper into favorite subjects are not outliers. Your intellectually curious teen will find a network of like-minded classmates who make it easy for students to express themselves.

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LS/US Eagle Buddies

Eagle Buddies

We believe our upper school students are exemplary mentors and role models for our younger students here at Harker. Thats why we created the Eagle Buddies program that pairs up our grade 10 students with third grade students at the lower school, a relationship they keep until the older buddy graduates. This fun program has formed warm connections between our oldest and youngest students, who have special events together each year. In fact, it's not unusual to find Eagle Buddies cheering on their "big sister" or "little brother" at sporting events and performances!


Grade 11

Talk about your Harker experience.

It’s been amazing. Coming from a public middle school I feel like I’ve had more opportunities to do more things and it’s probably been the best decision I made, ever.

What’s your favorite class?

I love chemistry and biology. I plan to continue studying marine biology.

Describe the Harker community.

It’s very welcoming and it’s so diverse. It’s so cool to see how different people get along really well together. Harker students and faculty always supporting each other is awesome.

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US Homecoming Game

Upper School Social Life

Through shared interests in classes, clubs, sports or performing arts, students form deep and lasting friendships at Harker, creating a warm, fun and supportive social life.

There are dozens of events, dances, spirit activities and outings, as well as annual school community events, where faculty, parents, students and alumni regularly come together to connect and celebrate each others successes and friendships.

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