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Upper School Business & Entrepreneurship

Like a booming startup, Harker's student-led business and entrepreneurship (B.E.) initiative has rapidly expanded to offer a variety of inspiring programs since its launch in 2013. Our B.E. department aims to develop, foster and provide business and entrepreneurial education, leadership opportunities and career preparatory programs to upper school students.


Harker DECA Chapter

Harker DECA is an internationally recognized, award-winning competitive business organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in the business fields of marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

Our DECA chapter integrates classroom instruction, applies learning, connects to business and promotes competition in order to prepare the next generation to be:
  • academically prepared
  • community oriented
  • professionally responsible and
  • experienced leaders.

DECA Website

Harker TEDx


TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, “ideas worth spreading." It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own communities.

TEDxHarkerSchool is designed to spark conversation and connection through a local, student-led TED-like experience. A combination of live presenters, TED Talks videos, organization booths/exhibits, and a special mentor luncheon are the key components of the event. Essentially, TEDxHarkerSchool strives to ignite a special passion in the attendees and help them leave inspired to do better in the world.

TEDxHarkerSchool Website

BE Podcast

Business & Entrepreneurship Podcast Series

Hosted by students. Powered by ideas. The B.E. podcast series presents video podcasts with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and influential people from all over the country. Guests share their experiences, successful moments, challenges and ideas to all who desire to hear.

The series offers exposure to the myriad of fields and expertise that surround us in the Silicon Valley and is free to stream and/or download on our website and iTunes.

B.E. Podcast Series Website

Career Connect


Harker CareerConnect is a student-led networking, career preparatory and professionalism program. CareerConnect comprises three main facets: mentorship, panels and professionalism.

We connect students to their futures through meaningful mentorships, provocative panel discussions and live, hands-on programs with Silicon Valley's leaders and beyond.

While emphasis is given to the fields of law, medicine, computer science/engineering and business/entrepreneurship, these concepts touch all industries, and we dig deep into the issues that matter to students.

JGlass & Student

Business and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

The B.E. department has courses called Principles of Business and Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, and honors Startup Incubator I and II. Economics courses are also included in the B.E. department.

The business and entrepreneurship curriculum focuses on developing real-world business acumen, entrepreneurial readiness and innovative skills in students. In order to bolster the conventional high school curriculum, unique education such as business simulations, case studies, competitive opportunities and capstone projects will provide students with one-of-a-kind experiences. The unique characteristic of the Principles of Business and Entrepreneurship course is that it is in a mini-MBA format consisting of four separate modules to be touched upon throughout the year: marketing, accounting & finance, entrepreneurship, and strategy & management. Students will apply their learning and live the mantra “learn by doing" as they simulate roles of CEO, consultant, CFO, etc., to bring solutions to complex and extraordinary issues that companies/entrepreneurs often face.

Academic Curriculum


Held each year, Harker BEcon is a convention for Bay Area high school students who want to network with other entrepreneurial teens. Local entrepreneurs stop by to teach the wonders of our market today, while students staff booths to present their ideas.

Visit the BEcon Website


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