2020 Remote Learning at Harker

The emergence of COVID-19 created a "new normal" worldwide. At Harker, we pivoted to a full TK-12 online program in 72 hours when the shelter-in-place order was mandated, and have continued to refine and enrich our online delivery to our students to keep them challenged, engaged and energized. Simultaneously, we have implemented rigorous safety improvements and measurements for the eventual safe return of our students, faculty and staff. As mandated by Governor Newsom, we will begin the 2020-21 school year in remote mode. Details will continue to be updated on this page. We welcome any questions you may have at

Remote Learning Highlights

As per the current state-issued mandate for Santa Clara County to beginning the year in remote learning mode, here are highlights of our current plan:

  • Synchronous class meetings
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Daily face to face with teacher
  • Weekly advisory
  • Academic counselor support
  • Virtual assemblies
  • Virtual physical activities
  • Virtual club meetings, after-school specialties (orchestra, BEST)
  • Regular teacher office-hours
  • Faculty professional development/support


Community Connection


Remote Learning in Action

COVID-19 Community Updates