Harker Summer Swim School

Harker’s swim school and athletic camp offerings provide summer campers with the opportunity to learn, refine and extend their abilities.

Harker Summer Swim School

Swimming lessons are serious business at Harker, and our knowledgeable, caring staff motivate and encourage campers using a variety of proven methods.

Little girl at swim lessons

Swim School

The Harker Summer Swim School provides both children and adults the opportunity to learn, refine and extend their swimming ability in a noncompetitive environment full of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Our beautiful Singh Aquatic Center and friendly staff make our swim school a comfortable and safe place for swimmers of all levels and their families. Private and group lessons are available.

Swim Lessons

June 18-Aug. 9 | Weekly | M-TH

Private: $135 per week

Group: $88 per week

Ages 3-Adult

  • Half-hour lessons scheduled consecutively (Mon.-Thurs.) give swimmers the opportunity to build skills.
  • Lessons are designed to help swimmers develop their swimming ability in a logical sequence.
  • Ten different levels offered.
  • Our caring instructors are trained to motivate and encourage learners using a variety of methods designed to build confidence along with swimming technique.
  • Private and group swim lessons are offered to children aged between 5-18 years old.
  • Adults and preschoolers (ages 3-4) may only participate in private lessons.

Lifeguard Certification Course

Time: M - F 12-4 p.m.


Students must be a minimum of 15 years old and be able to swim 300 yards consistently, tread water for 2 minutes, and complete a timed event (1 min. 40 sec.) which consists of a 20-yard swim, retrieving a 10-pound block from 7-10 feet of water, and returning to the starting point and exiting.

Swim Team

June 25-28 | M-TH | 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Grades 4-12 | Fee: $195

Swim Team Camp is a summer swim team without weekends or holiday commitments!

Swim Team is designed to provide high level coaching for swimmers and water polo players. Coaches will focus on developing strength, stamina, stroke technique, turns and dives.

Swimmers do not need competitive swim team experience, but proficiency in all four strokes is highly recommended.

Swimmers will need to bring the following: goggles, swim cap, short fins, water bottle, towel, sunscreen, comfortable dry land clothes (T-shirts, shorts/exercise attire, running shoes)

Lead coach for this program will be Tania Chadwick, head coach for Harker’s upper, middle and lower school swim teams.

Swim Team Camp consists of dry land training, swim practice and recovery.

Junior Swim Team

June 18-Aug.9 | Weekly | M-TH | 4-5 p.m.

Grades 2-8 | Fee: $55 per week

In this introduction to competitive swimming, instructors will focus on the following: circle swimming, use of the pace clock, understanding workouts and sets, beginning butterfly progressions, executing correct turns for all four strokes, and diving from a stand.

Swimmers must have completed Harker Swim School Level 9 or be able to swim 25 yards in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and be comfortable in all pool depths.

European-Style Water Polo Camp (Ages 9-14)

June 18-22 | July 9-12 | July 16-19 | 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Fee: $195

Prerequisites: Prior experience in swimming (pre-competitive or competitive) or water polo

Swim Levels

Level 1

This level is for non-swimmers who are nervous in the water. Students will learn to become comfortable and safe in the water. The use of positive reinforcement and praise will be essential to develop trust and confidence.

Skills Taught

  • Unassisted entry
  • Moving in the water
  • Safe exits
  • Submerging and blowing bubbles
  • Picking up objects

Survival Skills

Assisted circle swim

Level 2

This level is for students who have had some experience in the water and are comfortable moving around by themselves. The foundation of streamlining or gliding will be introduced – the basic body position for all strokes. The basics of freestyle, backstroke and sculling will be introduced.

Skills Taught

  • Floating on front and back
  • Regain feet
  • Glide on front and back

Survival Skills

Assisted circle swim

Level 3

This level is for students who are able to float and glide on their front and on their back. The fundamentals of kicking will be introduced along with basic survival skills.

Skills Taught

  • Flutter kick on front
  • Flutter kick on back

Survival Skills

Unassisted circle swim

Level 4

This level is for students who are able to consistently flutter kick on their front and back for a distance of 15m. The basic freestyle and backstroke arm action will be introduced. Horizontal rotation will also be introduced in preparation for side breathing.

Skills Taught

  • Freestyle arm action
  • Backstroke arm action
  • Horizontal rotation
  • Sculling

Survival Skills

Level 5

This level is for students who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke over a short distance. Side breathing will be introduced. Students will continue to develop their sculling and survival skills.

Skills Taught

  • 15m freestyle
  • 15m backstroke
  • Side breathing
  • 15m scull

Survival Skills

Level 6

This level is for students who are able to swim freestyle with side breathing and backstroke for a distance of 15m. Breaststroke arm and leg action are introduced.

Skills Taught

  • Breaststroke leg action
  • Breaststroke arm action
  • Elementary backstroke arms
  • Elementary backstroke legs

Survival Skills

Level 7

This level is for students who can swim freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and breaststroke. Students will learn bilateral breathing and will focus on breaststroke and backstroke progressions.

Skills Taught

  • 25m freestyle
  • 25m backstroke
  • 15m breaststroke
  • 15m elementary backstroke

Survival Skills

Assistance signal, Life jackets

Level 8

This level is for students who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke for a distance of 25m and breaststroke for a distance of 15m. The dolphin kick will be introduced in preparation for learning butterfly. In addition students will begin to learn elementary backstroke and different turning techniques.

Skills Taught

  • Safe dives (knee)
  • Dolphin body action
  • 25m breaststroke
  • 25m elementary backstroke
  • Turns

Survival Skills

Individual survival initiatives

Level 9

This level is for students who can swim 25m of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and are ready to focus on butterfly progressions. Students will execute a variety of entries and safe dives. Correct turns will be practiced for each stroke.

Skills Taught

  • Safe dives (stand)
  • Flip turns
  • 50m freestyle
  • 50m backstroke
  • 50m breaststroke
  • Butterfly arms

Survival Skills


Level 10

Students will learn sidestroke and build on their survival skills.

Skills Taught

  • 25m sidestroke
  • 15m butterfly

Survival Skills

Clothed survival, Group safety initiatives

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