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Preschool Specialty Classes

Learn more about Harker Preschool specialty classes, where students explore their interests through play with purpose.

Preschool Specialty Classes

Our specialty classes take the preschool experience at Harker to the next level.

Preschoolers attend each specialty class twice per week. They benefit from exposure to complex academic topics in smaller, more intimate settings (6:1 ratio). While art, dance, science and math are present in every classroom, every day, specialist experiences offer a chance to go deeper. These classes foster a strong teacher-child connection that helps our staff understand the individual needs of each preschooler, evaluate strengths and work on areas for growth.

PRE stem


Diving deeper into science, technology, engineering and math – also called STEM – as early as preschool is an important aspect of our program. We are proud to differentiate our preschool program with this offering and to have a space where science and math come alive for children.

Through STEM education, our little researchers develop creative and critical thinking skills, observe/collect data and make hypotheses to problem-solve with materials in a holistic way.

We teach with hands-on learning activities in our STEM lab. In the lab, students will:

  • learn about shapes, patterns and numbers with building blocks and measurement tools
  • study plant and animal life cycles with gardening and real animals on the Farm
  • explore nature while out and about on the Harker Preschool campus
  • make hypotheses, observe/collect data and draw conclusions to learn how the world works around them.

Imagine your child learning about concepts like the life sciences through an immersive educational experience. A lesson on the life cycle of honeybees may include exploring how they pollinate flowers in our STEM lab, to constructing a hive in art class and acting out how bees communicate with costumes in music and movement class. The core lesson takes place in our specialty classes, but we weave learning concepts throughout the day.

PRE art

Art Studio

While art experiences are offered daily in our classrooms, children have the chance to experiment with art even more in our art studio.

Working with a wide variety and ample supply of mediums and tools like pencils, paint and clay, our preschoolers express themselves creatively and learn to observe more closely the world around them.

There are many opportunities for growth spanning academic, social, emotional and physical development in the art studio. We build in history lessons, expand vocabulary, follow multiple-step directions, practice group speaking, develop fine motor skills for writing, and do collaborative projects and more. Beyond the studio, we take children outdoors to find art inspiration in nature.

PRE muisc movement

Music & Movement

Blending music, movement, acting and dance, our preschoolers engage in games, songs, stories, rolling, sliding, jumping, marching and more in our music and movement room. Your child will explore music with instruments like shakers, xylophones, drums and voice; move and dance in new and challenging ways; and act out stories.

With music and movement activities, children develop listening skills, body awareness and self-confidence. Your child will experience different cultures and languages. We use the ideas of musical rhythms and patterns to build the foundation for later learning in areas like math and foreign languages.

Preschool Farm

The Farm

On the Farm, your child may pet and care for animals, plant vegetables and watch them grow and compost food scraps. In this interactive outdoor space, our preschoolers learn about plants, animals and taking care of our environment.

The Farm is a very special feature on our sprawling preschool campus. Find out more about the unmatched environment we’ve created with our 8-acre preschool campus and facilities.

Learn More About Our Preschool Campus

Preschool Library story time


A librarian visits our classrooms once per week to lead a story time and dive deep in literacy activities. Harker’s librarians collaborate with our preschool teachers across early learning subjects to enrich all lessons and environments with library resources.

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