At Harker’s preschool, our early learning program for 3-, 4- and young 5-year-olds emphasizes hands-on learning, intentional play and developmentally appropriate classroom activities.


Beginnings matter.

At Harker, we understand the importance of giving your child the best possible foundation for an outstanding academic career. That starts with choosing the right preschool to excite, nurture and challenge children so they are not only ready for the next step but excited to get there.


Why Choose Harker Preschool?

At Harker Preschool, you will find an innovative and immersive experience unlike any other program. We combine top teaching talent with a blend of the best practices from a variety of philosophies and pedagogies, both project-based and play-based.

Our formula is unique because we layer everything with an approach that is quintessentially Harker: the ability to ignite in children of all ages a fervent love of learning that sets them apart. How do we do it? Learn more about preschool academics.

PRE stem lab

Harker Preschool: An Early Education That Inspires

Teaching early learners is the passion and expertise of our talented teaching team. Our beautiful and expansive campus, located in San Jose, is the perfect setting to encourage young children to explore, discover, create and connect.

Children view our school as a place where their imaginations come alive, complete with cottage classrooms and a working farm. What they don’t realize is that every activity and prop is an intentional part of their environment, developed by their teachers to enhance key skills that set them up for success in kindergarten, lower school and beyond.

At Harker, your child will benefit from a comprehensive and resource-rich program; read about our program elements below.

PRE Teacher and Students


Between the ages of 3 and 5, children are natural scientists, storytellers, artists and math lovers. Our curriculum channels their innate curiosity about their world into problem-solving, critical thinking and creative expression.

Learn More About Preschool Academics

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Specialty Classes

Our students join multiple weekly classes in art, music and movement and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). From creative thinking to motor skill development, these sessions focus on key developmental skills directly linked to future academic success.

Learn More About Preschool Specialty Classes

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Nurturing Teachers

We pride ourselves on recruiting and attracting top experts in early childhood development. All of our classroom teachers have bachelor’s degrees and many have advanced degrees, professional development and yearly opportunities for ongoing learning.

Learn More About Our Preschool Teachers

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Comprehensive Support & Services

From preschool extended care options to a delicious and nutritious lunch program, our services meet the needs of our preschool students and their families before, during and after school.

Learn More About Preschool Support & Services

Harker Preschool

Unmatched Preschool Campus

Our beautiful and expansive 8-acre campus is designed specifically for our littlest learners. With cottage classrooms, a farm, STEM lab and outdoor play areas, there’s so much for your child to explore.

Learn More About the Preschool Campus & Facilities

Family Faire

School Community

At Harker’s preschool, parents, teachers and students form close-knit community through parent/teacher events, volunteer opportunities, student performances and more.

Learn More About Our School Community

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Harker Preschool will accept children from 3-5 years of age based on a Dec. 1 birthdate. Children will be placed in classrooms based on their age in relation to that school year. The school is licensed for a total of 120 children.

Children are chosen for Harker Preschool based on age eligibility, application materials and a small group "playdate." Our admission committee has three main considerations in filling preschool spots to ensure an enriching learning experience for all children: 1) each child is developing typically for his/her age; 2) balancing our classrooms by gender and age; 3) a strong value compatibility and partnership between the family and the school.

3-year-old cottages (two classes of 24 each)

  • 3 years old by Dec. 1, 2018
  • Potty trained required

4-year-old cottages (two classes of 24 each)

  • 4 years old by Dec. 1, 2018

Transitional kindergarten (one class of 24)

  • 5 years old between July 1 and Dec. 1, 2018

While enrollment to kindergarten is not guaranteed to preschool students, they do receive special consideration, along with sibling and alumni families. Kindergarten-eligible children (5 years old by Dec. 1) will be asked to reapply and follow the standard kindergarten application process.

Preschool Summer Program

Our preschool summer program features exciting specialty classes in art, music & movement, and STEM, and emphasizes hands-on learning, intentional play and developmentally appropriate classroom activities. Half-day and full-day option; June 25-July 20 or July 23-Aug. 10, 2018.

Learn More About Our Summer Program

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