Harker Speaker Series

The Harker Speaker Series (HSS) was launched in 2007 to bring in leaders and visionaries from a wide variety of fields to share their expertise or unique experiences with Harker parents, faculty and students as well as the greater community. For more information, contact communications@harker.org

Upcoming Speaker

Toshio Tanahashi, Shojin Chef

Toshio TanahashiChef Toshio Tanahashi has been featured in Vogue Nippon, The New York Times and The Japan Times and has written two books on Shojin cuisine.

Created by Zen practitioners as an embodiment of Zen philosophy, Shojin cuisine focuses on ritualizing the act of eating to appreciate the blessings of nature. Composed mainly of vegetables and grains, Shojin meals are free of meat and purify both the mind and body, making it an ideal diet for modern society. Designed to bring out the natural flavors trapped inside vegetables, Shojin cooking often uses broths to achieve this unique wholesomeness, and careful use of condiments are essential to the character and perfection of the dish.

Team Shojin consists of the most skillful condiment producers in Japan, those who use only natural ingredients and dedicate the time and care necessary to create the very best of this unique cuisine. Be guided through this world of Japanese tradition and mastery by renowned Shojin chef and author Toshio Tanahashi.

Chef Tanahashi's visit to Harker is part of a workshop tour that includes the Culinary Institute of America in Napa and the Japan Society in New York.

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Past Speakers

Dr. Jerrold Shapiro: "What Boys Need"

Dr. Jerrold Shapiro, Santa Clara University professor of psychology and author of "The Measure of a Man: Becoming the Father You Wish Your Father Had Been," will give a talk titled "What Boys Need." His book was a Book of the Year winner from from the American Journal of Nursing. 

Silicon Valley Reads presents Poetry From War

This event is part of Silicon Valley Reads 2013 series Invisible Wound of War. Brian Turner, author of the award-winning collection of poetry "Here, Bullet," and Santa Cruz poet David Sullivan, editor of a multivoiced manuscript about the war in Iraq titled "Every Seed of the Pomegranate," are interviewed by Los Gatos Poet Laureate Emeritus Parthenia Hicks. Brian Turner served in Iraq and Bosnia-Herzegovina and writes of his experience with a direct rawness that gives us a glimpse into the psyche of soldier-as-witness. He tells us, unflinchingly, the hidden stories that often remain locked inside the psyche of those soldiers fortunate enough to return to their homeland.

David Sullivan shows us the "back stories" of ordinary people trying to survive under the extraordinary and unnatural circumstances of war. In his poem "Unexploded Ordnance," he writes, "Each is at war with pulse rates/and the memory/of those who've vanished. /Each wrapped in desert colors, /praying whatever/comes to them. In home/countries we hold their wires, /wanting not to look."

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