Middle School Students

At Harker, student life is exciting, supportive and inclusive – a place where students can find their passions and thrive.

Middle School Students

Middle school is a time of big adventures, big changes and big thinking. With meaningful academic, social and emotional growth and development during these years, our goal is to ensure that your child feels safe, supported and celebrated at Harker. Thats why we offer robust programs and extracurriculars for students to explore their interests, find their passions and make lifelong friends.

MS Campus Life

Harker Middle School Student Community

Our students are all different, but they share a common characteristic: they love learning. Pre-teens who enjoy spending time after school in the library or working 1:1 with teachers to dive deeper into favorite subjects are not outliers. Here at Harker, that type of genuine curiosity is the norm.

Students feel comfortable to explore interests, take chances and push themselves to try new skills because we foster a supportive culture. Your intellectually curious pre-teen will find a network of like-minded classmates who make it easy for students to express themselves.

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MS Advisory Group

Advisory and House System

Each grade 6 student is assigned to an advisory group of 10-12 students which meets with the same faculty advisor weekly throughout their middle school years. In addition, advisory groups are assigned to one of four “houses” and there are periodic house spirit events throughout the year.


Grade 7

What is your favorite subject?

I’ve always been really good at English and it’s really fun for me to write and read.

What makes Harker special?

There are so many different things that you can do and so many ways that you can pursue your interest or hobbies.

What new thing are you learning?

Japanese. My Japanese teacher makes class really fun and makes stuff really easy to remember, and I don’t feel uncomfortable about anything in the class at all!

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Middle School Social Life

Harker's supportive environment makes it easy for middle school students to try new things and make friends, whether it's in the classroom, on a team or on a school trip. There are also lots of social events such as barbecues and dances to ensure your pre-teen has plenty of opportunities to make friends, build confidence and have fun.

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