Middle School Global Education

Our learning extends beyond the classroom with global education and travel opportunities.

Middle School Global Education

Our global education program connects our students and teachers with their peers from educational institutions around the world. Collaborating with schools in Australia, China, Costa Rica, Japan and Kazakhstan, we support our students as they build cross-cultural awareness and understanding of global issues through online collaboration, domestic and international travel opportunities and experiential learning activities.

MS Shanghai

Global Learning Opportunities

To ensure our students deeply understand their roles as global citizens, we focus our program on four areas:


Our students learn about themselves, their community and culture and how their experience relates to their peers in other regions and countries. With our global sister schools, students exchange newspapers, magazines, artwork and more.


Teaming up with students across the world, our students develop collaborative projects. Our sixth grade students exchange emails with students in Japan to create video games together, while our grade 7 students contribute to an online poetry forum with students in Kazakhstan.

Experiential Learning

Through domestic and international travel opportunities, student exchanges and video conferences, our students play an active role as global learners. Every year, students participate in various international competitions in subjects like math or debate.

Action/Social Justice Outreach

We teach our students to become responsible global citizens, with a desire to affect change in the world. In recent years our students have raised funds for major campaigns including international natural disaster relief efforts in countries including Haiti and the Philippines.


Educational Travel Opportunities

We offer unique travel experiences for our students to expand their horizons and encounter new and different people and cultures.

  • Grade 6 – Japan: Students reside in homestays and travel to Kyoto and Hiroshima with Tamagawa Gakuen, a sister school since 1991. Grade 6 students also learn about environmental science during a coastal exploration trip.
  • Grades 7 and 8 – China or Costa Rica: Students immerse in language, history and culture. In fact, we were the first U.S. school to have a sister school relationship with a Chinese school.
  • Grade 7: Students travel to national parks to learn about the cultures of native peoples and geology lessons.
  • Grade 8: Students travel to Washington, D.C., and learn about American history.

MS Club

Clubs, Events & Activities

Global learning is woven into our programs and extracurricular activities, enhancing our students’ mastery of foreign languages and global issues.

Our clubs, events and activities with a global focus include:
  • Amnesty International
  • Chinese Club
  • Green Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Model United Nations

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