Lower School Students

At Harker, students feel safe, supported and celebrated along their educational journeys.


Lower School Students

At Harker, our positive and supportive school environment creates an optimal setting for learning and growing. With meaningful academic, social and emotional growth and development during these years, our goal is to ensure that your child feels safe, supported and celebrated at Harker. That is why we emphasize kindness, respect, honesty, integrity and personal accountability in our community.

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When your children come to Harker, they will be met with:

  • warm, supportive teachers and school leaders
  • diverse academic and extracurricular experiences
  • regular opportunities to innovate and collaborate
  • like-minded peers who turn into lifelong friends.

LS Eagle Buddies

Eagle Buddies

Launched in 2010, Harker's Eagle Buddies program pairs each of our lower students, starting in third grade, with an upper school buddy. This fun program has formed warm connections between our youngest and oldest students, who have special events together each year. In fact, it's not unusual to find Eagle Buddies cheering on their "big sister" or "little brother" at sporting events and performances!


Grade 5

What is your favorite academic subject?

I like English because the teacher is pretty cool. We do a lot of fun stuff like sentence diagramming.

What is your favorite tool from the ToolBox Program?

I’m going to say the patience tool because that’s something a lot of people need to go through life.

What do you want people to know about your school?

We’re not like any other public school. We are one-of-a-kind, unique, special.

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