Lower School Visual Arts

Providing students the opportunity to discover their creative identities.

Lower School Visual Arts

We know the arts play a special role in a child’s personal, academic and creative development. Our young artists are discovering their creative identities every day, both during the academic day and in after-school activities which enrich their days at the lower school. Your children will enjoy their arts experience so much they won’t even realize they’re learning design concepts, problem-solving and basic art history!

Visual Arts Offerings

Our visual arts curriculum at the lower school gives students a gradual introduction to the technical skills they need as they dig deeper into their creativity. After school, students may take an art workshop or drop in to an art studio on a day-to-day basis.

Our K-3 students receive an introduction to design concepts like line, pattern and texture, and media including drawing, ceramics, collage and printmaking.

In grades 4-5 the students move on to concepts such as balance, harmony and proportion, and work in 3-D through ceramics and sculpture. Advanced tools increase their confidence as well as their skills as they relate their work to historical moments in art history.

LS art teachers

Visual Arts Teachers

Both of our lower school art teachers have degrees in visual arts. They are dedicated to sharing their passion for art, art history and mixed media with our budding artists, helping students master art techniques while also finding their unique creative expression.

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