Lower School Global Education

Helping students experience a global education that includes cross-cultural collaboration, experiential learning and exciting, hands-on activities.

Lower School Global Education

At Harker’s lower school, learning extends beyond the classroom walls. Our global education program teaches our young students that there’s a world of wonder out there – people, places and things – to explore and experience.

Teacher exchange

Global Education Focus

Harker’s global education program focuses on four main branches:

  • Awareness: Learning about ourselves and our culture as well as people and cultures from around the world
  • Collaboration: Working together with other students to discuss issues, make decisions and solve problems
  • Experiential learning: Cultivating an international perspective by engaging in cross-cultural activities through visits by exchange students and teachers
  • Action (social justice outreach): Volunteering time and raising funds for nonprofit organizations and good causes

LS Tamagawa Video Conference

Global Learning Opportunities

Lower school students participate in a large variety of engaging, experiential activities with our sister schools. From learning about one another’s hobbies and interests to talking about family life and sports, students get to know the richness of both our culture and others, too.

All of our lower school students enjoy global learning at Harker:

  • Kindergarten: Participate in video conferences with their peers at Tamagawa K-12 School and University in Japan, where they sing songs, tour classrooms, compare school lunches and chat about their family traditions.
  • Grades 1 & 2: Exchange mascots with students at the Bayan Gardens School in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, where they chronicle the adventures of each other’s mascot, gaining a cross-cultural understanding of daily life in those countries.
  • Grade 3: In science class, grade 3 students create a “plants of California” book to send to students in Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Their peers send a similar book, giving students the opportunity to learn about native plants and animals of that country.
  • Grade 4: In English class, grade 4 students create a poster about American traditions like sports, food and holidays to send to their peers in Japan, France, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. They receive posters from those countries to understand their unique traditions.
  • Grade 5: Students exchange essays and drawings of famous artists and travel guides with a school in Saudi Arabia.

Additional global learning opportunities include:

  • English Language Institute: Each summer, we offer special programs for international students who want to improve their English speaking and writing abilities. The institute helps them prepare to attend an American boarding school or an international school.
  • Teacher exchanges: Harker sends teachers to sister schools in Japan, China and Australia, where they learn valuable lessons to bring back to their classrooms. In return, we benefit from international teachers coming to Harker.

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