Health & Wellness

At The Harker School, we invest in resources and services to promote the academic, social, emotional and physical health of our students.

Health & Wellness

At Harker, we look after the health and well-being of our whole community – students, families, teachers and staff. We offer a wide variety of wellness services for students and education opportunities for parents.

MS Wellness

Wellness Services for Students

Our students’ emotional, physical and social health and well-being are a top priority. The wellness services we provide teach students about important health topics and respond to our students’ health concerns.

Wellness Services Include

  • Health, physical education and nutrition classes
  • Wellness speakers
  • L.I.F.E. program: L.I.F.E (Living with Intent, Focus and Enthusiasm) is a K-12 program that addresses social-emotional learning (SEL) and topics appropriate for each grade and developmental stage. Topics include character education, sustainability, diversity, decision-making, chemical dependency, relationships and stress management.
  • Counselors: Open-door counseling provides academic, social, psychological and emotional support to K-12 students and families. A licensed professional staff is trained to identify the source of student difficulties, as well as provide appropriate supports and interventions to address the specific needs of each student and family. Counselors offer a continuum of support from childhood through adolescence, from classroom to courtside and from peer group to parents. The diverse clinical background and extensive training of our counseling team allows us to approach each student through developmentally appropriate interventions that support optimal learning and psycho-social growth.
  • School nurse: Each campus has a full-time registered nurse to support the medical needs of the students during the academic day. The upper school also has a full time licensed athletic trainer who supports the health and safety of our student athletes when the academic day concludes.

Parent Education Opportunities

At Harker, our goal is to support strong families. We provide a wealth of opportunities for parents to learn and connect here at Harker. Parent education opportunities include:

Parent Education

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