Capital Giving Gift Recognition and Naming Opportunities

Gift Acknowledgement

At the time the donor makes a gift or a pledge, the donors is encouraged to complete a donor recognition designation form outlining their preferences regarding how we can recognize their gift or pledge. Donors will receive a tax acknowledgement letter upon receipt of their gift. Donors will also receive an end of the calendar year summary for their convenience in preparing for their tax deductions.

Annual Report

Gifts, pledges and pledge payments will be recognized in the Annual Report in the Fiscal Year in which they are made. Donors who have made $100,000 or more cumulatively, will be recognized every year in the cumulative donors section.

Donor Walls

Capital giving donors who have cumulatively given $2,500 or more to any of our capital campaign will be recognized on our Capital Campaign Cumulative Donor Walls. Membership in the capital campaign gift clubs includes outright gifts and pledges as specified by a signed letter of intent. Letters of intent must have specific dates that pledges are to be paid on or before in order to qualify for gift club recognition and naming opportunities.

Naming Opportunities

A naming opportunity can be reserved at the time a letter of intent is signed. Once the gift or pledge payments have been paid in full, a plaque recognizing the donor will be placed on the space selected or reserved by the donor.

Donors are asked to keep lines of communication open if they anticipate the need to delay any portion of their gift or pledge payments. Pledge payments that fall more than one year overdue must be written off of our books in accordance with our financial policies. However, donors who communicate with the school and sign a revised letter of intent outlining their adjusted payment schedule will continue to be recognized at the same gift club level and can retain their naming opportunity reservation. Donors who are not in communication with the school about their late pledge payment may lose their naming opportunity reservation and have their gift club adjusted.

Paving Tiles

Donors who make a gift of $2,500+ or more in support of the gym and theater on the Saratoga campus will receive a paving tile with their name on it. Paving tiles will be located in the central quad of the campus. See below for different size options.