Food Program

Using fresh, local, unprocessed, quality items, we promote healthy eating habits that can help change the health and well-being of our students.

Food Program

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits start at an early age and are directly influenced by the food options given at school. Promoting wholesome eating can help change the health and well-being of our next generation, and we also know that children who are well-nourished learn better. This is why our priority at Harker is simple: “We want kids to love real food.”

Food program


At Harker we strive to provide fresh, local, unprocessed, made-from-scratch, well-balanced, quality items. We order all produce and food products daily from reputable, local and quality companies. Our menus are custom designed for each division and change seasonally to reflect the fresh products available. All hot entrees, vegetables, sandwiches, stews, casseroles, soups, chili and desserts and most sauces are prepared in each of the campus kitchens. Our made-from-scratch, batch-cooking techniques make food taste better, retain more nutrients and even keeps waste to an extreme minimum.


Nutrition Standards

    1. Offer a variety of healthy foods. Children are more likely to enjoy food when eating is their own choice.
    2. Be patient. Sometimes new foods take time, so we offer new foods many times.
    3. Let children serve themselves. Teach children to take small amounts at first and let them know they can get more if they are still hungry.
    4. We also follow USDA healthy eating for preschoolers.

Meal Examples

Food Sourcing

Sustainability & Food Sourcing

All of our kitchens use batch cooking techniques to maximize flavor and freshness and to minimize waste. By preparing only as much as we need at the time, we reduce waste and preserve the environment.

Chef Steve

Meet Chef Steve

An alumnus of Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts and Northeastern University, Chef Steve Martin has been changing the way Harker eats since 1991. Chef Martin studied under Madeleine Kamman (recognized as one of the world’s top cooking teachers), and has years of experience as an executive and sous chef in country clubs, colleges, large corporations, and even his own catering business. His ability and knowledge has significantly improved the way our community eats and views food.

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