Since 1893 Harker has celebrated intellectual curiosity and character. We are looking forward to celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2018-19.

History of The Harker School

The Beginnings

The union of two schools, the Palo Alto Military Academy and The Harker Day School, formed what is today The Harker School. Although these schools began independently, David Starr Jordan, the first president of Stanford University, inspired both.

In 1893 President Jordan, concerned for the University's need for superior incoming students, encouraged Frank Cramer, a pioneer educator and civic leader, to begin Manzanita Hall, a college preparatory school for boys. The program was dedicated to the premise that the successful future citizen and student of higher education is one who has a broad foundation not only in his classroom pursuits, but also in nonacademic areas. The development of high moral character and leadership qualities was emphasized.

Catherine Harker, a Vassar graduate and a professor of Greek and Latin at Mills College, recognized the need for a girls' preparatory school near Stanford and founded the school that would become Miss Harker's School in 1902; the school also emphasized superior scholarship, character and leadership.

The Next Phase

In 1919 Cramer's original school, Manzanita Hall, became Palo Alto Military Academy (PAMA), a school for boys of elementary age under the direction of Richard P. Kelly. In 1955 Miss Harker's School was reorganized to become a coeducational day school and brochures indicate that the name of the school was changed to The Harker Day School during the reorganization. Donald L. Nichols assumed leadership of PAMA in 1950 and The Harker Day School in 1959, merged the two schools under the name Harker Academy and moved to the present location at 500 Saratoga Ave. in San Jose in 1972. Howard E. Nichols assumed leadership of the school in 1973, dropping the military program and expanding academics and other program offerings.

The Modern Era

In 1993, the school began operating under the name The Harker School to more clearly reflect the character and diversity of the school. Howard Nichols was named president and Diana Nichols was named head of school. To fill the growing need for exceptional non-religious high school education in the Bay Area, Howard and Diana Nichols planned and implemented the founding of the upper school and Harker expanded in 1998 to include grades 9-12. Fully enrolled since its inception, the upper school quickly earned a reputation for excellence. In 2002, Harker graduated the first class of seniors, and graduates continue matriculating to prestigious universities throughout the world. Christopher Nikoloff assumed leadership of the school in 2005 following Nichols' retirement at the end of the 2004-05 school year. Brian Yager became head of school in 2017 after Nikoloff left to become the headmaster at the American School in Switzerland.

In September of 2013 Harker launched its new preschool division on newly acquired property on Union Avenue in San Jose. The school now has four divisions, with a campus for each: the preschool campus on Union Avenue; the lower school campus on Bucknall Rd.; the middle school campus on Blackford Ave.; and the upper school campus on Saratoga Ave. In 2021, the middle school will move to the Union Ave. campus.

The Harker School is a nonprofit organization, and today still retains the consistent core philosophy of the original schools.