Silent Auction

Going Once. Going Twice. Sold!

Welcome to the silent auction. Our easy online auction with mobile bidding means that you can start bidding early, set a maximum bid, and keep bidding ‘til the auction closes even if you’re not on site at the picnic. All bidding will be done through your own cell phone or computer. You can bid from anywhere, anytime before the close of the auction right from your own device! You will even get an update if you are outbid.

You can view all the items anytime, but in order to bid on an item you need to register on our secure auction site. Please follow the instructions below:

Get started:

  • Visit, register for the event, view the items, and begin bidding!
  • After you register you will get a welcome text message, and then there are three ways to bid:
    1. By text - Text the three-digit item number and amount to the welcome message you receive, e.g., 101 500. No dollar signs or decimals are needed.
    2. By smartphone - Click the link in your registration text. It will take you to a personal bidding page. Click on an item and place a bid – it’s that simple.
    3. By computer- Log in with your username and password, click on an item and place a bid!

Browse Items & Bid