Picnic T-Shirts

Show Your Spirit on T-Shirt Days

Each Tuesday between Sept. 12 and Oct. 10 lower and middle school students can show their picnic spirit by wearing a picnic T-shirt. Shirts can be worn in place of uniform shirts on these special Tuesdays. Picnic shirts are for the whole Harker community; preschool and upper school students and families can purchase a shirt and show their Harker spirit as well!

The cost of a T-shirt is $16.50. Purchase your T-shirt by following the link below; or you can purchase one directly at the events listed below. Shirts ordered online will be delivered to your student’s homeroom. Please see the T-shirt schedule below:

Order By DateDelivery DateT-Shirt Tuesday (free dress with Picnic T-shirt)
August 25September 1September 12
September 6September 8September 12
September 13September 15September 19
September 20September 22September 26
September 26September 28October 3
October 4October 6October 10

Buy T-Shirts Now

You can also purchase t-shirts in person at one of the following events:

  • Aug. 25 Middle School Welcome Breakfast
  • Aug. 28 Preschool Orientation
  • Aug. 28 Kindergarten Party
  • Aug. 29 Lower School Orientation
  • Aug. 30 K-5 Welcome Breakfast
  • Sept. 1 Preschool Parent Welcome
  • Sept. 1 Upper School Parent Welcome
  • Sept. 7 Preschool Cottage Cookout
  • Sept.13 Grades 4-5 Back-to-School Night
  • Sept. 14 Grades 1-3 Back-to-School Night
  • Sept. 15 Middle School Back-to-School Night
  • Sept. 16 Upper School Back-to-School Night
  • Sept. 23 Homecoming
  • Sept. 26 Kindergarten Back-to-School Night
  • Sept. 28 Preschool Back-to-School Night