Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Harker has a commitment and obligation to be a safe and supportive place for all. We also want to ensure that the education we are offering helps our students prepare to contribute to the solutions that are so needed in our country. We embrace this responsibility and the conversations we need to have with students, alumni, teachers, staff and parents, so that our students are prepared to be the changemakers needed in our country. We have recommitted to a deep review of our current curriculum and culture to make any needed improvements, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

To be clear, we stand against violence, discrimination and harassment of any kind, and we stand in solidarity with all communities that comprise our society. It is, and will remain, our goal to work against all forms of discrimination, harassment, and racism.

Harker’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee continues to guide and work closely with the school as we build upon our ongoing efforts and commitments around DEI at Harker, which have included town halls, assemblies, professional development, surveys and the live document of resources below for the community. We will continue to update and expand upon this page with resources and news about Harker’s DEI initiatives.

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Brian Yager, Head of School
The Harker Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

"We embrace diversity and build inclusivity by celebrating our identities, valuing differences, and empowering the invisible."

— Harker Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee objective

Anti-Racism Resources

Contact the Committee:

The DEI Team

Diversity Coordinators, TK-12:
Tyeshia Brown
Mark Janda
Rebecca Williams
Karriem Stinson

Diversity Leaders, Lower School:
Andi Bo
Kathy Clark

Diversity Leaders, Middle School:
Bernie Morrissey
Abigail Joseph

Diversity Leaders, Upper School:
Lola Muldrew
Pilar Agüero-Esparza

Faculty and Staff Campus Diversity Committees

Lower School
Karriem Stinson, Mary Holaday, Katie Yang, Sarah Leonard, Kristin Giammona, Sejal Mehta, Katherine Lo, Eric Leonard, Shital Ashar, Kathy Clark, Stephanie Woosley, Lisa Diffenderfer, Andi Bo, Mariel Nicolary

Middle School
Rebecca Williams, Bernie Morrissey, Abigail Joseph, Melinda Gonzales, Caitlin MacCalla, Patricia Burrows, Lorena Martinez, Samantha Salfen, Hava Sasson, Sara Pawloski, Keith Hirota, Ramsey Westgate, Lisa Masoni, Mark Gelineau, Kathy Peng, Kristin Morgensen, Jennifer Walrod, Kristin Pfeifer, America Salazar, Eve Ferber, Kadar Arbuckle, Alison Axelrad, Julie Pinzás and Lauren Ortmann

Upper School
Tyeshia Brown, Mark Janda, Pilar Agüero-Esparza, Lola Muldrew, Abel Olivas, Zach Jones, Josie Porcella, Jennifer Hargreaves, Joshua Martinez, Butch Keller, Roxana Pianko, Julie Turchin, Susan King, Susanne Salhab, Kristina Alaniz, Liz Brumbaugh

Diversity Steering Committee
Current meeting attendees are diversity coordinators, diversity division leaders, division heads, division deans, Brian Yager, Greg Lawson, Jennifer Gargano, Pam Dickinson, Marissa Lucketti, Marty Bradford, Danielle Holquin, Janet Rohrer, Jennifer Walrod, Caitlin MacCalla.

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