COPPA - Student Privacy

The Harker School makes extensive use of online resources as part of its teaching and learning. This is done in a phased, developmentally appropriate way. Students receive individualized usernames, passwords and restricted email accounts beginning in grade 3.

The following listing shows those internet based software vendors with whom your student may have an account registered with their email. The guidelines and regulations specified in the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), only applies to personal information collected online from children, including personal information about themselves, their parents, friends, or other persons.

In the interests of keeping parents informed, we have included on this list several resources that have student identifiable information that has been provided by The Harker School in order to permit their unique access. Those sites that do not collect personally identifiable information from the student are not covered by COPPA, but may be included for information purposes. This is a dynamic list as we are continually reviewing student teaching and learning resources. We are always seeking the best possible online resources to support your student's learning.

Vendor/Publisher Application Privacy Policy Purpose / Grades
Ableton Ableton GOA Courses
Adam Matthew American History, 1493-1945 Library
Alchemie Alchemie Science
Ancestry Fold3 Library
Ancestry Basic Library
Apple Apple GOA Courses
Appshed AppShed GOA Courses
Atlas Learning Apollo Atlas Learning Communication, Presentations
Autodesk Tinkercad Computer Science
Blooket, LLC Blooket Formative and Informal Assessment
Bloomsbury Drama Online Library
Boom Learning Boom Learning Cards Elementary Study Support
BrainPop BrainPop Formative and Informal Assessment
Calendly GOA Courses
Cambridge University Cambridge Elevate Languages
Canva Canva Project Creation
Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures Music
Cengage Gale Products (Gale Academic OneFile Select, Gale eBooks, Gale General OneFile, Gale Health and Wellness, Gale In Context: Biography, Gale In Context: Global Issues, Gale In Context: High School, Gale In Context: Middle School, Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Gale In Context: Science, Gale In Context: U.S. History, Gale In Context: World History, Gale OneFile: High School Edition, Gale OneFile: Informe Académico, Gale Power Search Kids InfoBits, Gale Literary Sources, Gale Literature Resource Center, Gale LitFinder, National Geographic Magazine Archive) Library
Cengage WebAssign Physics
Classkick Classkick Communication
Cleanfeed, LLP Cleanfeed Performing Arts
Clever Prototypes Storyboard That Elementary Digital Storytelling
Clever Prototypes, LLC Storyboard That Formative and Informal Assessment
Code Forces CodeForces Compter Science Hour of Code - Minecraft Computer Science
CodeHS CodeHS GOA Courses
CodeMonkey CodeMonkey Compter Science
CodingBat CodingBat Computer Science
CoSpaces CoSpaces Edu Science, Computer Science
Deltamath Solutions, Inc. DeltaMath Mathematics
Desmos Desmos Mathematics
Difusion Campus Difusión Languages
Digital World Biology FinchTV Science
Diigo Diigo GOA Courses
Discord discord GOA Courses
Discovery Learning Discovery Education Library
Doodle Doodle GOA Courses
EBSCO Publishing EBSCO Products (MAS Ultra - School Edition, Academic Search Complete, eBook Collection, ERIC, European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750, Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, GreenFILE, Health Source - Consumer Edition, MAS Reference eBook Collection, Middle Search Plus, Newspaper Source, OpenDissertations, Primary Search, Religion and Philosophy Collection, Science Reference Center, TOPICsearch) Library
EBSCO Publishing Salem Online Library
Edmentum Education City Elementary Study Support
Edpuzzle Edpuzzle Content Aggregation
Elsevier ScienceDirect Library
Epic! epic! Elementary English Language-Arts
ExploreLearning (Gizmos) ExploreLearning (Gizmos) Math & Science
Flipgrid Flipgrid Formative and Informal Assessment, GOA Courses Fold.It Science
Fold-it Fold-it Science
Follett Follett Destiny Library Automation Library
Funbrain Holdings, LLC Funbrain Mathematics Genially Languages
Geogebra GeoGebra Mathematics
GeoGuessr GeoGuessr Social Sciences
GetTime GetTime Productivity
Gilder Lehrman Institute of History Gilder Lehrman Social Science
Gimkit Gimkit Formative and Informal Assessment
Github Github GOA Courses
Glowscript Glowscript Physics
GoFormative Formative Formative and Informal Assessment
Google YouTube GOA Courses
Goosechase Goosechase Formative and Informal Assessment
Gracenotes, LLC Sightreading Factory Music
GrammarFlip, Inc GrammarFlip English Language-Arts
H&R Block HR Block Budget Challenge Business and Economics
H5P H5P Library
HackerRank HackerRank Computer Science
Harker School Harker's Course Planner Computer Science
HelloSign Hellosign GOA Courses
Hypothes Hypothes GOA Courses
iCivics iCivics Social Sciences
Infobase Infobase Products (American History Online, Classroom Video on Demand, Science Online, World Geography and Culture Online) Library
Instructure Canvas GOA Courses
isidewith Social Science
Ithaka ARTstor Library
Johns Hopkins University Project MUSE Library
JoVE Education JoVE Science Education Science
Kahoot! Kahoot! Test Preparation
Kami Kami Social Sciences
Khan Khan Academy Mathematics
Knowledge Matters Virtual Business Challenge Business and Economics
Kodable Kodable Computer Science
Let's Mod Inc. Let's Mod After School BEST Program
lingco lingco Languages
Loom, Inc. Loom History
LyricsTraining LyricsTraining Languages
Macmillan Learning Bedford Launchpad English-Language Arts
Miagistrula Magistrula Languages
Microsoft GroupMe Business and Economics
Minitab Minitab Express Mathematics
MIT App Inventor MIT App Inventor - Emulator After School BEST Program
Moblab Moblab Computer Science
Motion Math Motion Math Mathematics
MuseScore MuseScore Performing Arts
Musicfirst Musicfirst GOA Courses
MusicTheory Performing Arts
National Speech and Debate Association NSDA + subset program Tabroom Speech and Debate
Neoreason Computer Science
New York Public Media Mission US Social Science
Newsbank NewsBank Access World News Library
Newsela, Inc. Newsela Library
NI MultiSim Computer Science
Noodle Tools NoodleTools Research
Noteflight Noteflight Performing Arts
OnShape OnShape Mathematics
OverDrive Rakuten/OverDrive Library
Oxford Oxford Art Online Library
Oxford Oxford English Dictionary Library
Oxford Oxford Music Online Library
Oxford Oxford Reference Online Library
PBWorks PBWorks Content Creation
Peardeck Pear Deck Formative and Informal Assessment
Pearson Masterine Biology Biology
Pearson Pearson/Realize online access Languages
Perusall Perusall Collaborative Reading
Piktochart Piktochart GOA Courses
Pinterest Pinterest GOA Courses
Pixton Pixton Languages
Pixton Pixton Language Arts
Playmada Collisions Chemistry
Playmada Collisions Chemistry
Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere GOA Courses
Prepd Prepd Speech and Debate Research
Prezi Prezi Communication, Presentation Creation & Visual Literacy
ProQuest CultureGrams Library
ProQuest ProQuest Products Library
Protoio Project Creation
Quia Quia English Language-Arts
Quizizz Quizizz Content Review / Test Preparation
Quizlet Quizlet Content Review / Test Preparation
Rakuten OverDrive Sora Library
ReflEQ ReflEQ Library
Remind Remind Communication
Replit, Inc. Replit After School BEST Program
Roxxem Roxxem Classical and Modern Languages
Runestone Computer Science
Sage Publishing CQ Supreme Court Library
SalesForce SalesForce GOA Courses
Santillana Santillana Descubre el Espanol for Grades 4 and 5 Languages
Screencastify Screencastify Video Creation
Sketchup Sketchup GOA Courses
Slack Slack Communication
Smart Smartboard Learning Suite Languages
Soundfly Soundfly Music
Soundtrap Soundtrap Performing Arts
SPIE SPIE Digital Library Library
Springer Nature Nature Library
Springer Nature Scientific American Library
Springshare LibGuides CMS Library
Stanford University CodingBat Compter Science
Steadfast Innovation, LLC Squid Computer Science
Stud Languages, LLC Study Spanish Languages
Suburani Suburani Classical and Modern Languages
Survey Moneky Survey Monkey GOA Courses
TechSmith Camtasia Library
TES Blendspace/Tes Teach Content Aggregation
TestandTrack Test and Track Computer Science
The College Board AP Classroom Online Advanced Placement Courses
The College Board College Board Account College Admissions
The New York Times The New York Times Library
Thinglink Thinglink English
Tools for Schools, Inc. BookCreator Collaboration, Cross-Curricular
Turnitin, LLC Gradescope Mathematics
Twist Twist GOA Courses
TypingClub TypingClub Computer Science
Unity Unity GOA Courses
Vista HIgher Learning D'Accord Vista Supersite Languages
Vista Higher Learning Vista Higher Learning Languages
WNET New York Public Media Mission US Social Science
Wolfram Mathematica Mathematics
Wonder Workshop Inc. Wonder Workshop Computer Science
Xtramath Xtramath Mathematics
Yegros Educational, LLC Conjuguemos Languages
YouCanBookMe YouCanBookMe GOA Courses
Zoom Zoom GOA Courses

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