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We invite you to become a part of our vibrant community. Whether it’s to attend Harker, join us at one of our community events or support our students - and century-old legacy - by becoming a donor or a mentor, we welcome you to connect with us!

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Rhonda Mann - MS Main Office

Harker Campuses

Upper School
500 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA 95129
Phone: 408.249.2510 | Fax: 408.984.2325

Middle School
3800 Blackford Ave., San Jose, CA 95117
Phone: 408.248.2510 | Fax: 408.248.2502

Lower School
4300 Bucknall Rd., San Jose, CA 95130
Phone: 408.871.4600 | Fax: 408.871.4320

4525 Union Ave., San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: 408.553.5700 | Fax: 408.559.2014

To Our Neighbors

Harker strives to be a good neighbor in each of our campus communities. We invite our neighbors to contact us if they have concerns, suggestions or questions at