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The New Friend

Start Date: Monday - December 07, 2009

Language Arts G ++

Weekly Activities

December 7th-11th

Note to Parents: Although we try to adhere to the schedule posted on the web, some activities will be rescheduled to the next day or upcoming week.

Story The New Friend

By: Maria Puncel

*Listening Comprehension Activity- Frog Helps Snake

*Identifying characters and settings

* Sequence of Events


* Spelling Test on Friday*

Spelling Words: backpack, baseball, classmate, oatmeal, peanut, cupcake,  myself, raincoat


Vocabulary *Story Vocabulary- birthday, city, cookies, empty, party, seventh, soccer, years

*The Story Vocabulary is from the story we read that week. We discuss these words as a group before going on to reading the story.
*Introduce singular and plural nouns

* Review common and proper nouns

*Continue our understanding and use of appropriate beginning and ending punctuation.

*Review what makes a complete sentence


*Introduce Compound Words



* Journaling
* Winter Writing Activity
* Mr. Fix It Sentences
* Writing Center