We’re tremendously proud of our century-old tradition of excellence in education, and the international recognition our students, faculty and programs have earned. We believe the best way to prepare our students is to provide the best academic and extracurricular programs possible.

Kindness, respect, honesty, integrity and personal accountability have also been at the heart of a Harker education since the school’s founding. Students encourage and support one another and celebrate each other’s efforts and successes with hugs and high-fives. It’s a supportive, safe, fun and nurturing place where kids make friends for life with their peers, their teachers and the staff.

College admission representatives tell us our students “have soul,” and we couldn’t agree more. They raise funds and awareness for global issues, enthusiastically support each other in celebrating successes and trying new things, and are generous, kind, considerate and thoughtful.

Harker continues proudly and passionately to set the pace for excellence in education. Our community is vibrant and diverse, reflecting the exciting region we serve, and it’s truly the entire community’s commitment to excellence that makes Harker such a dynamic, invigorating and inspiring place.

We invite you to join us!

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Christopher Nikoloff, Head of School
The Harker School

About Harker

Harker's Historical Roots

Since its founding in 1893 in Palo Alto, Harker has become a world-class institution in the heart of Silicon Valley. Read about our fascinating history and about our new campus.

Philosophy & Mission

Our school philosophy and mission statement live and breathe in the school's daily life. Read about our philosophy & mission

Inspired Learning

Outstanding teachers and rich and varied curricula provide students with a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. Explore our academic offerings

Athletic Competition

Harker's athletic program provides students with an educational, challenging and inspiring place to develop their skills. Read about our athletic programs

Creativity Through The Arts

Artistic expression – whether it's stone carving, performing or composing – takes wing through Harker's extensive and comprehensive visual and performing arts offerings. Explore the arts at Harker

Food & Nutrition

We feed our students quality food that tastes great. Our healthy, diverse options and local sourcing (and great desserts!) give kids a joy and appreciation of great food and are an integral part of a Harker education. Explore Harker's food program

Character & Outreach

Whether it's raising funds for international humanitarian causes or giving time and goods to local charities, we are passionately committed to giving back. Learn about character & outreach

Student Life

Between dozens of robust after-school activities and clubs – and the vibrant community – students at all grades have ample opportunities to discover passions outside the classroom, and develop friends for life. Read more about student life


Harker is a vibrant and lively community that feels like home for students, families, faculty, staff and alumni alike. Learn more about our community

Events at Harker

Our many schoolwide events bring our community together in fun and inspiring ways - some decades-old traditions, others brand new. Find out about our events at Harker

Facts & Stats

To learn about our students' outstanding achievements and college matriculations, get the facts

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