Middle School

Harker's middle school offers students a challenging, safe and trusting atmosphere in which to experience the exciting years of early adolescence.

Our strong middle school curriculum encourages our students to be strong critical thinkers and prepares them with the tools and skills they need to be independent and collaborative learners throughout their lives. To best challenge and inspire middle school students, we place students in the courses that best fit their abilities as each student's maturity and talent evolves.

Harker's spacious middle school campus offers students a place of their own with plenty of room to learn, grow, play and explore. We invite you to learn more!

[VIDEO] Experience a day in our Middle School!

About the Middle School: Grade 6 to 8


Academics are the core of Harker’s program, and a strong middle school curriculum lays a vital foundation for the challenges of high school. Learn about our middle school academics


Being a kind person and a good citizen is fundamental at Harker, and is taught and reinforced in each child’s daily life. Explore Harker's character development program

The Arts

Extensive performance, art and music offerings provide students with rich opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression, and to develop and share their creative talents. Learn about the arts

Global Education

Students further their discovery and understanding of world cultures, participating in email exchanges, forum discussion groups and video conferencing. Read about our middle school global ed program

After School

Included in our tuition, our extensive after-school program offers dozens of activities and classes where students can explore new interests. Learn about after-school programs


Athletics teach students how to work as a team, display good sportsmanship, meet competitive challenges and accept both failure and success graciously. At Harker, emphasis is also placed on developing self-confidence and a sense of fair play. Read about our athletic program

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